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A righteous man provides for the needs of his animals. PROVERBS 12:10

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Our Puppies
  All of our puppies have their dewclaws removed at 3-5 days old and if they are a poodle, then their tails are docked at the same time.  All the puppies have a Parvo vaccination at 5 wks old, a Bordetella vaccination for Kennel Cough at 6 wks old and the first of their puppy series vaccinations at 7wks old.  They will have been dewormed 3 times by the time that they are ready to go to their new homes, with some times a 4th deworming with Panacur if it is needed.  The puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 wks old. Our puppies are started out on a formula / food / rice cereal mixture and are graduated to Purina Puppy Chow.

  When you come to visit our puppies, do not be surprised if the puppy actually picks you to be their forever family.  It is not uncommon for people to come here with the idea of what they are looking for and then go home with a different puppy, whether it is a different color or a different gender.  No matter if you choose a male or a female, you will be loved for life with this new little friend and new family member.  

  When choosing a puppy from anyone, you should know what breed you are looking for and if it will be suitable for your household and your life style. You will need to think of the future. If you want to use the dog as a breeder or a confirmation show dog, you will want to get full registration. If you wish for a pet and have no plans on using the dog as a breeder but would possibly like to show the dog, then we suggest that you get the limited registration with that puppy. It is not our choice as to what type of registration that you would like to get. But, as the breeder of these puppies I do have the right to decide if that puppy should be registered with full registration or not, so if you are wanting full registration, please talk to me prior to purchasing the puppy. 

  We do like to know how the puppies are doing as they grow and ask that we be kept informed about the progress well into the adult years. We truly enjoy getting updates and pictures of the puppies, via mail or email or now we even have a facebook page and it seems to be easier for people to post on there. Along with posting things on facebook, other people get to see what your furry family members look like also.

  All of our dogs are on NuVet Supplements. These Supplements are all natural and are much better for your puppy as they grow, versus the other vitamins that are out there, which are full of sugars and starches. I previously have used vitamins from our veterinarian and really did not notice a difference in the dogs on those vitamins, but have noticed a considerable difference in my dogs coats, eagerness and just overall well being of the dogs since I have started them on the NuVet Plus Supplements.  For more information, please visit the NuVet website at:   

Remember to order your Supplements a week before you take home your new puppy.

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