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Puppy Development
Puppy Development

   9-12 Weeks of age: Great learning ability. Puppy should have a well-balanced environment during his first week in your home. After this you may begin with housebreaking. Teach the puppy to be alone for short periods of time. It is easy to housebreak a puppy if you take him out after naps, meals, and play time. Praise the puppy when he eliminates outside, both you and your pup will have an easy time. You can also start leash training your puppy now. Teach him what no means, to come and sit also at this time. Do these simple things playfully and consistently. Your puppy should enjoy doing these things for you. This should be done by adults only! Children should learn to leave the puppy alone when he is eating and napping. Don't allow your puppy to become over tired and by no means ever allow "Tug of war" games. Remember, this is a baby no matter how big the puppy is.

  13-16 Weeks of age: Now is a good time for puppy socialization classes. This way the puppy will learn to get along with other puppies and groups of people. This is also a period when a puppy can be psychologically unstable. Aggressiveness and dominance comes out now, and it is important to help the puppy. The puppy is trying to get the upper hand, so make sure he/she knows who is BOSS!! Don't ever slap the puppy; a firm voice will do just fine. If the puppy is meek, help him along and reassure him. you can play retrieving games with him and Praise, Praise, Praise!

   17 Weeks - 7 Months: During this time the puppy will finish growing. The puppy is normally psychologically stable and he will have good training ability. This of what you will want the puppy to do as a grown dog and lay the foundation now. Continue to stimulate the retrieving ability. The puppy will be better off with training in moderation. Don't put any stress on him/her.

   7-10 Months: The puppy is now behaving like a teenager and gets sexual awareness. He can be psychologically unstable, and you should use the same advice as 13-16 weeks.

   10-17 Months: This is a quiet period. Continue to train him/her.

   17-20 Months: Another period of great influence of male sex hormones. Avoid confrontations with other dogs and absolutely no tug of war between man and dog. After this you can harvest the fruits of your dogs behavior and discipline.